Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles

Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles

Print ISSN 1225-1151

Online ISSN 2234-0793

Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles

Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles

Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles is the official publication of The Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles. It was launched in 1977. Journal of Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles aims at providing up-to-date research contents and news on cutting-edge technologies, as well as facilitating the interaction between academia worldwide and related industries, thereby enhancing the professional expertise of its members and contributing to the advancement of apparel.

• Frequency : issued six times a year

• ISSN : 1225-1151 (Print)/2234-0793 (Online)

• Year of Launching : 1977

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Current Issue
The Strength Properties of Jumchi-Hanji Made from Thai Mulberry Paper
태국산 닥지로 제작한 줌치한지의 강도 특성

홍희숙 Heesook Hong , 조현진 Hyun Jin Jo , 김성주 Seong Ju Kim

46(4) 565-582, 2022


Affective and Cognitive Social Presence in Chinese Live Commerce -Consumption Value as a Mediator-

Sae Eun Lee , Xue Mei Wu , Kyu-hye Lee

46(4) 583-599, 2022


A Study on the Efficiency of Fashion Design Classes Using Humanities Self-Reflection Writing
인문학적 자기성찰 글쓰기를 활용한 패션디자인 수업의 효율성 연구

김진희 Jin Hee Kim

46(4) 600-612, 2022


Design of a Prototype Jacket for Upper Extremity Load Reduction
상지 부하 감소를 위한 기능성 상의 프로토타입 디자인

박선희 Sunhee Park , 이예진 Yejin Lee

46(4) 613-623, 2022


Development of a Compression Inner Layer Attachable to Dress Shirts for Gynecomastia Sufferers

Eunah Yoh , Ji-hye Kwak

46(4) 624-637, 2022


Iterative Cyclic Model of Generation MZ's Consumer Purchase Decision Journey for a Fashion Product
MZ세대 소비자의 패션상품 구매의사결정여정의 반복순환모델

이정우 Jung-woo Lee , 김미영 Mi Young Kim

46(4) 638-656, 2022


Development of the 3D Knee Protector for Yoga
요가용 3차원 무릎보호대 개발 및 평가

정현주 Hyunju Jung , 이희란 Heeran Lee , 정인희 Ihn Hee Chung

46(4) 657-671, 2022


Body Type Classification and Characteristic Analysis of the Lower Body of 14-16 Years Old Female Adolescents
14~16세 여자 청소년 하반신 체형 유형화 및 특징 분석

박세영 Seiyoung Park , 김동은 Dong-eun Kim

46(4) 672-686, 2022


A Study on the Current Status of Hanbok Education in the Era of Fashion Hanbok
패션한복시대의 한복 전문교육 현황 연구

윤소정 So Jung Yun , 장주연 Ju Yeun Jang , 이하경 Ha Kyung Lee

46(4) 687-703, 2022


Development and Validation of a Multidimensional Measure of Positive Body Image

Minsun Lee , Hyun-hwa Lee

46(4) 704-722, 2022